24.07.2011  OhMyBot is now completely FREE and Commercial free!
  - Please support us if you liked OhMyBot:
  - Download the free version here: OhMyBot free version

  03/16/2011  OhMyBot Free Version!
  - Download the free version here: OhMyBot free version

  12/17/2009  Test Key disabled
  - After a testperiod of several months the Test Key is now disabled.
You can now buy OhMyBot for EUR 19,95 :
  Buy OhMyBot

  12/13/2009  You can now buy OhMyBot with PayPal
  - File 'EnterSerialKey.cmd' now works properly:
'OhMybot.exe serialkey' was changed in 'OhMyBot.exe -serialkey'.
You need to redownload the Installer again or change the file yourself.
Version number stays unchanged (1.10).
For using a new license key you can also edit the file 'key.ini'

  08/26/2009  New Version 1.10
  - new function OMBDialog:Start() : starts a dialog in modeless mode.
  - new function OMBDialog:Show(bool) : shows/hides the dialog.
  - new class OMBOutputWindow : refer to documenation.
  - new dialog für Plugins-selection : hit the "Plugins"-button.
  - documentation updated.

  08/17/2009  New Version 1.09
  - content of "output window" can now be shown in an extra window
(button 'Zoom').  This window can be resized

  05/21/2009  New Version 1.08
  - new function OMBSystem:QuitOMB().
  - new usefull command-line parameters (refer to documentation 'Program Start').
  - bugfixes in OMBKey . constants are now properly exported.
  - bugfixes in loading secured (encrypred) plugins.
  - documentation updated.

  04/29/2009  New Version 1.07
  - new constructor for OMBPoint (refer to documenation)
  - bugfixes in OMBImage-class (refer to documentation)
  - documentation updated

  04/20/2009  New Version 1.06
  - bugfixings
  - documentation updated

  04/13/2009  New Version 1.05
  - new class OMBConsole. Captures all I/O operations in Lua.

  04/08/2009  New Version 1.04
  - new function OMBInternet:SetUserAgent()
  - documentation updated

  04/01/2009  New Version 1.03
  - bugfixes: some values from Settings.ini were not correct loaded
  - new function OMBOverlay:IsVisible()
  - new functions: MakeMD5HashHex() und MakeMD5HashBase64()

  03/31/2009  Updated documentation
  - OMBSystem:MouseAction()
  - OMBSystem:KeyAction()

  03/30/2009  New Version 1.02
  - updated documentation (ohmybot.chm)
  - OMBSystem:GetKeyInfo()  now works correctly
  - new functions in OMBSystem: GetMouseInfo() and GetMouseButtons()

  03/28/2009  New Version 1.0.1

  03/12/2008  You can now download a test version of OhMyBot

  09/18/2008  OhMyBot.com now Online!